February 3, 2014

Deal of the Day!

Deal of the Day:  This is one of my personal favorites.  It's a beautiful marriage between cubism and art deco.  (Something you'd envision on the wall in the Great Gatsby?)  This is an impressive hand-colored etching.  It is quite rare to see an etching this large.  It is 27" w x 49" h and ready to hang at $290.

January 24, 2014

New Artist - Santiago Tolman

Come see the works of our newest artist, Santiago Tolman.
Santiago has had a lifelong involvement in the arts, starting at the age of nine by working in his father’s photography darkroom. In high school, he was introduced to the art of wooden bowl turning in a shop class. While attending San Antonio College, Santiago studied pottery with Harding Black at the Harding Black Studio in San Antonio, Texas. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), Santiago taught Printmaking at MCAD for 11 years. Santiago was also a Master Printer at Martin Graphic Studio, in Minneapolis, MN. Santiago received his MA from St. Cloud State University. Santiago left academia and spent 22 years as a manager and photo studio manager in the Graphic Arts industry, in Minneapolis. Santiago continues exploring the art of wooden bowl turning and photography at his home studio in Excelsior, Minnesota.
My Wood Source Policy
The sources of wood for my bowls are from trees felled for construction sites, trimmings for electrical service, storms and the like. To me this seems to be the environmentally correct thing to do.

Think Spring!

New Art -
Christina Hankins
Invites you to
Think Spring!

We are fortunate to introduce to you a new series by artist Christina Hankins. She is well known here at Visual Arts for her brightly colored whimsical illustration of tender moments in everyday life. Stop by and take home your own original day-brightener!

Special Extended Hour THIS Saturday!

Custom Framing Sale

From now through the month of February, enjoy 50% off all custom framing projects.

Contact us today for a quote or to make an appointment.
Don’t know when you’ll be able to make it in? No problem! We’re open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, so feel free to stop on by. We’d be happy to meet with you on Saturday, too.
Just let us know!



November 14, 2012

Our contact info

 Visualarts Ltd.
275 Market Street Suite 197
Minneapolis, MN 55405



Fall Color Story!

IMS Holiday Invitational 2012

Once again this year Visualarts Ltd. will be hosting local artists / vendors
for the IMS Holiday Invitational,  Please stop in this Friday November 16th.
10am - 4pm

There are many showrooms in IMS hosting artists and the front desk will have a guide
that you can pick up before you start your shopping journey.

October 16, 2012

New in the Gallery

Origianl oil paintings 24" x 24" by Mary Johnston - These are gorgeous!
Stop in and see us today!

June 29, 2012

The coolest new custome frames on the market

PRISMA Frames, hands down, are the coolest new frames on the market and they are completely custom with a huge array of options.  These options include color, pattern, thickness and frame depth.  Here are a few of the frame corner samples below that Visualarts currently has in our showroom:

Here are a few pieces we recently framed for Sheila Cole, a local Minneapolis designer and owner of Shecole Inc. (www.shecole.com) for her own home.

Here is the art we framed and corner details of each of the PRISMA Frames:

We love the shadow interplay that was created by using the clear frame above

We love the saturated color we can achieve with the PRISMA Frames and the modern look.

These frames do have infinite design possibilities and a designer can be extremely creative with their concepts for commercial and residential client's projects.  Please visit our showroom to see these samples in person and we can assist you in framing your next great design project.

February 28, 2012

Design is Everywhere!

Artistic design is everywhere! Char’s daughter designed this swimsuit for her swimwear company and is featured in this month’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. It is also featured online. The Male model is Chris Paul from the LA Clippers.

Here are some other examples that are on trend:

Design created by using Fractals

Black and white landscape photography

Black and white macro photo of a vintage pocket watch - Photo taken by ClawzSkunk

Black and White Trees in reverse by Norman Silverstone

Venus by Aubrey Beardsley

He was unknown in 1892. By the time of his death in 1898, a mere six years, he had broken through the Victorian unconscious and hurled England into the 20th century. Many of his drawings first made their appearance in books or magazines with relatively limited subscription. Despite this, his erotic, humorous, and haunting drawings came to be popular and have been for more than a hundred years.

A great example can also be found in Goldfrap's Video below:


Congrats to ASI

At the Beginning of the year Visualarts Ltd.. assisted selection and placement for Perham's beautiful new hospital Perham Memorial Hospital and Home in conjunction with Jennifer Paist from Horty Elving. Together we selected artist Tanya Garvis to create custom colored glass enamel infused copper tiles to enhance importance of the donor wall.

ASI did all of the signage in the project and have featured the donor wall in their overall case study for the PMHH project, please see the link that is featured on ASI's website. The link describes the great collaborative process that went into the design. The project also received 1st runner up for the “Best of ASI” at their national sales conference in Miami.

Thanks to ASI for the nod!


April 22, 2011

You're Invited!

If you're in Minneapolis, remember to stop by and see what we have to offer!
Also, as a special opportunity to our wonderful clients, we're offering this invitation to the "Spring into Paris" event at International Market square, presented by LiLu Interiors. The open house starts at 10:00am with the event following at 11:00 in studio 546. Space is very limited, so RSVP soon to rik@liluinteriors.com.

April 18, 2011

Phone-ography Seminar: A success!

Thanks to everyone who made it to our cell phone photography seminar, presented by Bob Cunningham last Thursday - it was a huge success! We received amazing feedback from our attendees who seemed to learn such valuable information from Mr. Cunningham about taking successful photographs from their cell phones. A huge thanks to Mr. Cunningham for not only graciously agreeing to present at the seminar, but for also giving one-on-one assistance to those who wanted more information after the seminar. From Left: Char Hovi, Diane Lumpkin, and Bob Cunningham

For those of you who missed the seminar, but are interested in hearing Bob Cunningham speak - stay tuned for a schedule of seminars happening next fall for the annual Fall Design Event at International Market Square.

April 8, 2011

Cell Phone Photography Seminar at International Market Square: April 14th, 2011

On April 14th, International Market Square will be hosting the MinneMarket where over 40 IMS Showrooms will be featuring select product lines, manufacturers’ introductions and promotional specials for 2011 - all conveniently offered in the IMS Atrium for your convenience.

From 1:00-1:30pm, professional freelance photographer, Robert Cunningham will be hosting a seminar on Cell Phone Photography sponsored by visualarts in studio 185. Learn how to maximize your cell phone camera's capability: best exposure, sharpness, composition, color vs. black and white, flash vs. ambient-lighting, camera options, uploading and e-mailing your pictures.

Mr. Cunningham will be available for approximately two hours after the seminar at visualarts in suite 197 for those of who would like a one-on-one tutorial with their cell phone and also view his photography. We will be raffling off one of Robert's 8x10 photographs with a certificate for 50% off the framing for the photograph to use at visualarts. The seminar is free of charge for MinneMarket guests.

To RSVP to this trade-only seminar, e-mail frontdesk@imsdesigncenter.com.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

March 25, 2011

Winter Park Art Festival: Mixed-Media

Last weekend, we headed to the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival in Florida to get a taste of what some 225 artists from around the country had to offer. Within the next few weeks, we'll be blogging about the artists that blew us away. You'll be seeing artwork from a variety of mediums such as glass and ceramic pieces, photography, painting and mixed-media - which we are featuring this week from artists Will Corr and Rasa Pranckunaite.

Will Corr
"For over a decade, my work has been exploring the complex relationship between representation and abstraction. The motif-driven compositions, comprised of natural, social and historical iconography, serve as framework to investigate this interaction." -Will Corr
Cloud Climbing, 52x37,
Oil, charcoal, sawdust, wood, nails & wire on canvas & wood, 2007

Suburbia by the Sea, 50x38,
Oil, paper, found objects, wood & nails on canvas & wood, 2007

Please visit Will Corr's website to view his amazing portfolio, or e-mail him regarding any questions at info@willcorr.com

Rasa Pranckunaite
"My monochromatic photographs encompass everyday organic objects such as rocks, seeds, and stones. They are made strange and illusive by their enlargement and removal from their original contexts. Without any other illustration or symbolism, they evoke a multitude of associations spanning the ancient to the futuristic." - Rasa Pranckunaite




To view more of Rasa's beautiful collection, visit her website or contact her at rasavaiva@gmail.com